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Incredible green scenery around the Neretva river canyon that many believe is the most beautiful in Europe. You will move from Bosnia to the region of Herzegovina and see the breathtaking transformation from a continental to Mediterranean climate in under an hour.




Before reaching Mostar, there will be a short break in Konjic – place which is attractive due to its abundance of natural beauty that completely surrounds the town. In Mostar city you will see the world famous Old Bridge, antique Ottoman streets filled with oriental shops and the turqoise Neretva river.

On the way back you will see Blagaj, a small town with a grand history. It has a unique geography which allows for a beautiful, unique ecosystem, including the Buna river Spring. This is the biggest single well of Water in the country and one of the largest and the most beautiful river springs in Europe.

If you like new tastes of food, than lamb roast traditionally made in Jablanica is a must.

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Tour ratings (5.0)

  • 5
    Armina Alicic
    We went on this full day excursion last week. It was a really great day out, not just because of the sightseeing but also the excellent services of our guide. The scenery on the trip is stunning - everywhere is so green and mountainous, with huge rivers and picturesque lakes. We had enough time to stop and take in the sights at Konjic and Jablanica, all of them fascinating places. Lunch was great value at Blagaj Tekke, fresh trout, sitting outside a the restaurant by the river.
  • 5
    Mahmood Alawadhi
    We had a great time on the boat trip in the lake of Konjec and we enjoyed taking photos of the old Bridge of Mostar. We also liked the traditional market there people are so kind and friendly. And finally we had a lunch on Blagaj on the river. Food was delicious and the view was amazing. We thank our tour guide brother Adnan for his kindness and for sharing his knowledge and experience with us. And a big thanks goes for Mr. Samir for his continues care and support.