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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: SARAJEVO. If you are true nature lover or just looking to relax and enjoy beautiful sceneries this is the tour for you. Vareš has been on the maps since ancient times. A visit to Vareš will leave you eager for a return visit. Vareš is a real taste of the real Bosnia! Bobovac played a key role in the history of the Bosnian kingdom and our royal dynasty – Kotromanića. It would be impossible to speak of Vareš without speaking of Bobovac in the same breath. It is an integral part of our culture.




We prefer to leave earlier to take use od the available time.





If you are a nature lover, you will not be disappointed with Vareš. The region is abundant with different relief forms, suitable for hiking, with fascinating landscapes. Walking or just driving through these sites you will meet colorful valleys with surrounding mountains of Zvijezda, Perun, Ravan planina and Greben, overgrown with dense, century old juniper, fig and beech forest.   

We can make a short stop at Vareš and make a visit to Saint Michael old church (the oldest catholic church in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and to the Nula lake in Vareš. The lake is located in the mine of the former Iron Ore Mines of Smreka at a distance of 1 kilometres from Vareš city center and is connected to the main road Vareš Majdan – Vareš.




Bobovac played a key role in the history of the Bosnian kingdom and our royal dynasty – Kotromanića. The first historical sources mention them as early as the mid 14th century. With the arrival of the Ottomans and the fall of Bobovac the fortification lost its significance in Ottoman Bosnia. But that is no longer the case.

Having been the administrative and military seat of the medieval Bosnian State, Bobovac is now a protected national monument. It was the royal burial area for Kings Ostoja, Tvrtko II, and Stjepan Tomas. The mausoleum has been refurbished, paying tribute to the dynasty of the Bosnian Kingdom.

What is perhaps most enchanting about Bobovac today is its inspiration natural setting. It sits perfectly along a ridge, surrounded by forest covered mountains and crystal clear trickling streams. The remains of the town are modest but they still clearer depict the ingenuity of the Bosnian Royal Family to protect the vulnerable kingdom well over 700 years ago.




The village homestead of the Ibrišimović family is in the village of Mijakovići which is just 1 km northeast of Bobovac. It’s a great place to visit for an authentic Bosnian meal after a visit to Bobovac with great views, food, and a medeival royal ambient that have been part of the landscape here for centuries. In addition to traditional Bosnian cuisine, Bosnian courtyard, clean air and good hosts, your visit to the Royal Town of Bobovac will surely be more pleasant.




Departure to Sarajevo. Arrival to Sarajevo is expected by 17:30.


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    In this place all is royal, and sky and nature and earth! Thank you Lily Travel.