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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: SARAJEVO. If you are true nature lover or just looking to relax and enjoy beautiful sceneries this is the tour for you.




We prefer to leave earlier to take use od the available time.





Bijambare tract, encompassing 370 ha, is recently proclaimed by law as protected area of the fifth grade (“protected landscape”). It is traditionally highly valued because of its natural beauty and richness. The Reserve is situated in the northeast slopes of the Canton Sarajevo near Nisici highland. Its accessibility, due to favourable position near by the regional road Sarajevo-Tuzla, makes it additionally attractive for tourists. At altitude averaging 950 m a.s.l. thick old evergreen forest with various pine trees and fresh air is found. There are also beautiful meadows crossed by two creaks that form small lakes and sink underground into karstified limestone rock base.   

Certainly, the greatest attraction is the presence and accessibility of caves that are nicely grouped. In three horizons there are five caves that are named and better known, but there is also one more unnamed cave and possibly even more undiscovered ones. The largest cave is called Bijambare main cave, or sometimes: mid-Bijambare or simply Bijambare.




On the slopes of the mountain Zvijezda, at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level, 17 kilometres from Vareš has settled village of Ravne. The village is connected by asphalt road to Vareš, and to Sarajevo from the direction of Nišići – the length of 48 kilometres. The forests of pine, fir and spruce, gentle hills, meadows and forests, water springs, clear and fast streams, the river Blaža crossing Ravne field are the basic characteristics of the landscape surrounding Ravne village.

Rural household of Hafiza and Osman Kapetanović is situated in the central part of the village in a large and spacious house with a wide enclosed courtyard which has nice summer cooler – fountain. With his own food production on the farm host and owner of “Šadrvan” provide a healthy and traditional dishes.




On the way back in summer time we can still make a short stop at Vareš and make a short visit to Saint Michael old church (the oldest catholic church in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and to the Nula lake in Vareš. If you are a nature lover, you will not be disappointed with Vares. The region is abundant with different relief forms, suitable for hiking, with fascinating landscapes. Walking or just driving through these sites you will meet colorful valleys with surrounding mountains of Zvijezda, Perun, Ravan planina and Greben, overgrown with dense, century old juniper, fig and beech forest.

The lake is located in the mine of the former Iron Ore Mines of Smreka at a distance of 1 kilometres from Vareš city center and is connected to the main road Vareš Majdan – Vareš. The lake surrounds the hills “Kota” on the north side with a height of 1100 m and the hill “Veokovac” on the south side with a height of 1150 m. The lowest angle of the lake is 675.5 m and the highest is 782.1 m above sea level. The biggest depth of the lake is currently about 110 m. The lake is used by swimmers, fishermen (trout), and in winter the lake is frozen with ice thickness, which is 40 cm on average.




Departure to Sarajevo. Arrival to Sarajevo is expected by 17:00.


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    Mas Ayu
    Bijambare caves complex is a place you definitely have to visit while visiting Bosnia. The beauty is endless.