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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: SARAJEVO. On this tour you will find out why Lukomir is like a living ethnological museum by getting acquainted with the lives of local people, culture and traditional cuisine. It is located on a mountain which means you have the opportunity to see both the beautiful nature, but also experience the culture. Lukomir is also known for its stećci, medieval tombstones originating in the 14th and 15th century. their existence in the village suggest that it was inhabited for hundreds of years!




We prefer to leave earlier to take use of the available time.





On the road we will make two short breaks on viewpoints close to village Umoljani where you can take amazing pictures. 



11:00 - 16:00

Lukomir is one of the most remote old villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is about 45 km from the capital city Sarajevo. In Lukomir you can see how locals lived in the olden times.

It is also popular because of the stone shingle-roofed houses and the tomb stones which have a very interesting history. During the tour you will relax and walk through the village where you can enjoy in untouched nature. Also you have a opportunity to make nice picture and rest your body. On the road you can visit old mosque which local people build and in 2014 renovated.

You will have opportunity to order local home made traditional food such as lamb, pie, barbique etc. Note that food is not included in this trip and will be on your own expense.

The most interesting in this village is that you can engage with local people and taste authentic traditional food which prepare women from Lukomir.




Arrival to Sarajevo.


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    This tour is for every person in love with mountains and outdoor life. It is a great start for an average hiker to experience Bosnian mountains. There is so much to explore.
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    Mahmood Alawadhi
    It was the best off-road experience ever.