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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: SARAJEVO. Take a tour through the tragic history of Sarajevo, starting from 1992 until 1995. The longest siege in modern history by the Serbian army lasted 1425 days and resulted in the loss of many civilian lives. During this period, the former Olympic city was completely destroyed. The scars of warfare are still seen everywhere, known as the roses of Sarajevo.


10:00 - 16:00


The winter Olympic games had just finished, and the city’s airport had just been expanded; Sarajevo seemed to be going through a golden age. But the golden age would come to a brutal halt, when on April 6, 1992, the Bosnian Serb army surrounded the capital city of the newly created republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting a brutal war and carrying out the longest siege in modern history, which lasted 1425 days.

Afterwards, we continue tour to the Olympic Mountain Trebevic that was first line during the Siege. There we will visit main sniper positions.

Later we will travel to the market place where the largest massacre in Sarajevo occured during 1992 -1995 with 111 people killed and 275 permanently injured.

Sarajevo roses mark the terrifying blows that Sarajevo’s streets had endured. They are reminders of 11 541 killed civilians during the siege.



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    If you want to get the local view of what happened in Sarajevo during the war, this is the tour to take and Lily Travel is the agency to go with. They shows you all of the sites of interest and provides a detailed description of the background of each. Highly recommend.