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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: SARAJEVO. This tour is especially designed for young people, to learn about rich history as well as ethnic and religious diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a fun, instructive and interactive way.




Meeting at Sebillj.

Please do not be late. Our Tour Leader will be present. Guided City Tour with the experienced City Guide.

Your history tour will begin in front of the City hall, the most beautiful building from the Austro-Hungarian period. Hear about the assassination of the Archduke of Austria in 1914, which was the beginning of the World War I. During a walking tour through the Old Town, you’ll hear the stories about the origin of the city, the founders and most influential personalities of the city of Sarajevo. You’ll discover firsthand why many call Sarajevo an European Jerusalem and visit most beautiful churches, mosques and synagogues. Stories about the recent Bosnian War, Ottoman and Austro - Hungarian colonial periodcommunism period and the arrival of Sephardic Jews in Bosnia will take you for a moment in the past.

Visit to Bosniak Institute

You will visit Bosniak institute, foundation established to promote the development and preservation of the cultural wealth, history and identity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also it contains the old Hamam, an ancient Turkish bath house, that dates way back to the Ottoman times of the 14th century, but which has now been converted into several small museum/galleries.

13:00 Lunch at Bascarsija (not included in the price)

14:30 Meeting at Sebillj. 

Proceed to the National Musem with the Tour Leader

In afternoon, you will visit a National Museum founded in 1888, the oldest western-style cultural and scientific institution in the region. You will visit Archeology, Ethnology and the Natural Sciences Department with a curator. Visit also Botanical Garden.

18:00 End of the program. 

Note: For the ones, who booked the overnight at hotel Hollywood, please arrange your own transportation!       





08:00 Meeting in the front of the National Museum.

08:15 Departure

11:00 Tunnel of Hope

12:30 Visit the Jablanica War Museum

13:30 Lunch in Blagaj. Recommended restoran is Mlinice. It is also recommended to order food before arrival so we do not waste time wating for meals to be ready.

In Blagaj, you will visit the Ottoman Tekke, built on a solid rocky soil at the right side of the source of the Buna river, an architectural ensemble that consists of typical Dervish house.

15:00 Mostar Old Town Tour. Continue to Mostar, where you will admire the Old bridge, the city’s icon, ordered by Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman ruler in 1566, replacing the older wooden bridge. Watch the movie about the destruction of the bridge in 1993.

17:00 Leaving Mostar and traveling to Sarajevo

20:00 Arrival in Sarajevo (aproximatly). Pick up in front of the Museum. For the ones staying at hotel Hollywood, drop off will be there.




08:30  Meeting in the front of the National Museum.

08:45 Proceed to Travnik.

11:00 Visit Travnik, the principal city and military center of the Ottoman Empire for 150 years, with its ancient fortress that overlooks the entire city and beautiful spring of Blue water.

12:30 Lunch in Travnik, famous for the Cevapi.

13:30 Proceed to Jajce.

15:00 - 17:00 Visit Jajce, enjoy the 17-meters high Pliva waterfall, located in the very center of the town, one of twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Learn the story about the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomasevic.

17:00 Leaving Jajce and traveling to Sarajevo

20:00 Arrival in Sarajevo (aproximatly). Pick up in front of the Museum. For the ones staying at hotel Hollywood, drop off will be there.




Accomodatoin  You can book this program with our or without our accomodation. If you book without accomodation the program price is 79EUR per person.

In case you book accomodatioin with us you will be staying hotel Hollywood (or similar) in Sarajevo. The hotel price per person per night is: 

  • Single: 43 EUR
  • Double: 32.5 EUR
  • Tripple: 30 EUR

Trasportation The bus transportation is available for day 2 and day 3. Those who will be staying in Hotel Hollywood (or similar) will be pickted up before and returned back after the program by bus. 

Food: Only breakfast is included for those who stays in hotel Hollywood. 

Participant Age: Minimum age for this tour is 14 years.

General Principles: Regarding our accomodation in Hollywood (or similar) the boys and girls will be segregated unless people are from the same family.

Contact: You can always contact us here or on following number +387 61 492 497.



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