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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: DUBROVNIK. We offer you transportation and guidance in the area of Sarajevo city. We can take you to any place you want as long as it is in Sarajevo city area.

Your safety anis our No 1 priority. Road ocnfiguration from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik is quite risky. Dependent on the season of the year, traffic density and work on the road makes additional risk which local driver knows very well. Special attention is paid to road safety applying a mandatory process called JOURUNEY RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN (JRMP) for every trip and every transfer.

This process particularly requires that:

- All vehicles will be fit for purpose and have been inspected using an appropriate checklist before the journey begins.

- Drivers will have been properly trained and advised of the contents of the JRMP for the journey they are about to undertake, and completed JRMP’s will be readily accessible to drivers at the point of departure.

- Drivers will be rested and alert (not suffering from tiredness or fatigue) prior to the journey commencing.

JRMP is prepared in advance to assess risk and put control actions in place to minimize it. Aspects such as road condition, journey timing and duration, climate, visibility, security, traffic density, animal control, accident frequency as well as emergency support. Our Drivers have been trained to play a role of a JRMP coordinator and make sure that tour road safety is performing as per JRMP. Next to the above vehicle and driver aspects he or she is checking weather and traffic conditions reducing both risk and driving time. Driver is never allowed to use mobile phone nor take any phone call unless in a vehicle stop condition.

The tour is planned to star not before 09:00 and finish before 18:00. Note also that entree fees, parking and road taxes are not included in this program. 

Note that FROM price of 19EUR pp is calculated for 7 people on board.

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    Mahmood Alawadhi
    It was very nice trip all around Sarajevo, we really liked Springs of River Bosnia, and we had lots of fun in Sunny Land, and we had a great time in the old town. We thank our tour guide brother Ahmed for his kindness and a big thanks goes to Mr. Samir for his assistance and support. I highly recommend this tour for people who visit Bosnia for the first time.